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What We Do?

Your amazing donations, fundraising and campaigning helps us reach millions of children and young people. 90% of our funding comes from our supporters. Here’s what we do with it.

Millions of children of primary school age are still out of school world-wide. In developing countries, children in the poorest households are four (4) times as likely to be out of school as those in the richest household. Our goal is to eliminate this divide

Despite progress, almost half of the world’s employed people work in vulnerable conditions. Conflicts and diseases have forced almost sixty million people to abandon their homes and one in seven children world-wide are still underweight (united nations development program (UNDP)). About 650 million people are still living on less than $1.25 a day world-wide, our goal is to reduce this number on a daily basis.

Sub-Saharan Africa still has the highest maternal mortality ratio (maternal death per 100,000 life births, women aged 15-49 years) when compared with other regions/continents. In developing regions, only about 56% of births in rural areas are tended by skilled health personnel, compared with 87% in urban areas. Also, only half of pregnant women in these regions receive the recommended minimum of four antenatal care visits. Worse so, just 51% of countries have data on maternal cause of death. Our goal Is to improve the overall wellbeing of pregnant women during the course of pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period. We aim to provide skilled health professionals to care for their medical needs whilst providing accommodation for their safety , food for their nutrition, skills and education to enable them start trades and earn a living to lead a successful life.

Initiate, encourage and monitor empowerment for the girl child/woman. Even though a lot of work has been done in this regard, gender parity is still grossly predominant especially in sub-saharan Africa

Substantial progress has been made in reducing child mortality, but more children can be saved from death due to preventable causes. Focusing on newborns and reducing socio-economic disparities are
critical to further accelerate progress in child survival. Advances in health care have helped to improve numbers. However, thousands of children continue to die from preventable causes ranging from disease affecting both mother and child, low soci-economic status, poverty of the mother, as well as unfavorable circumstances during the perinatal period not forgetting postpartum depression and burdens that sometimes ultimately leads to newborn/infant abandonment. Our goal Is to provide safe houses where mothers can drop their babies for proper care, or enroll in sustainable programs as administered by the foundation that will enable otherwise unwilling mothers to be present in the care and upbringing of their children.

NJF is conscious of the psychological impact of poor and orphaned children being left out of the massive festive activities during major religious holidays in Nigeria, therefore we strive to extend the love and celebration to them. During Christmas / Eid-el Fitr (end of Ramadan fasting celebration), NJF organizes a party for these kids and their friends, and also open the door for kids outside the homes to join the party to make it more memorable and fun for the kids.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are the beating heart of the NJF. Without them, we couldn’t help the children who need us. Whether you can spare an hour or two, or want to get involved more often, whatever time you can give is invaluable.